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Hire Terms


In these conditions:

  1. “Customer” means any person, company or firm that enters into an agreement to hire a garment from Aston Formal Wear with a view to entering into such an agreement. “Garment” means any item or items of clothing or accessories including garment covers, hat boxes etc, supplied pursuant to an Agreement for Hire. “Return Date” means the date specified in the Agreement for Hire on which the garment must be returned to Aston Formal Wear.
  2. All specifications, descriptions and references to the condition of a garment which are made by Aston Formal Wear, whether orally or in writing are made only for the guidance of the customer and are not binding. The customer should not rely on them as statements of fact but must satisfy himself by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of each of them.
  3. By taking possession of a garment pursuant to an Agreement for Hire the customer is deemed:-
    a) To have examined it.
    b) To have fitted it on, where this is reasonably to be expected.
    c) To have accepted it.
    d) To have acquiesced to the condition, quality and quantity of the garment(s) furnished as of the time of taking possession.
    e) To indemnify Aston Formal Wear against any claim for loss or damage by the customer arising out of unsuitability of the garment.
  4. In the event that Aston Formal Wear becomes aware that the information furnished by a customer regarding his identity is not correct then Aston Formal Wear may at its discretion rescind the Agreement for Hire immediately and without notice to the customer.
  5. Damage arising to a garment for whatever reason shall be the responsibility of the customer. Under these conditions the customer acknowledges the garment to be in perfect condition on acceptance and to be in perfect condition for the purposes for which it is required. Aston Formal Wear shall not have to prove that the customer caused the damage to the garment and under these conditions the customer will be deemed to have caused the damage.
  6. Any garment hired may have been used previously and may have deteriorated due to ordinary wear and tear or otherwise. All warranties, conditions, representations and stipulations whether expressed or implied either given in writing or orally and whether arising under Statute or Common Law are expressly excluded in respect of any garment hired or any service supplied by Aston Formal Wear.
  7. Any garment hired must be returned to Aston Formal Wear on the return date due. If such a return is not effected Aston Formal Wear may at its discretion charge the customer a daily rate of 50% of the hire charge on each garment not so returned as required by this condition.
  8. Where a garment is not returned on the return date due Aston Formal Wear may at its discretion forfeit any deposit paid in addition to or as an alternative to its rights under the immediately preceding clause.
  9. The customer is responsible for and is liable to reimburse Aston Formal Wear for any loss or damage to a garment hired which occurs after the customer takes possession of it. An assessment of the cost of repairing the damage shall be made by Aston Formal Wear and communicated to the customer. The customer shall accept such statement of the cost of repairs from Aston Formal Wear and shall not be entitled to call for independent assessment of the cost of to have the garment removed from Aston Formal Wear for the purpose. In the event that the garment is lost the customer shall be liable to pay to Aston Formal Wear the full current retail value of the said garment.