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What exactly is a wedding suit ?  Do you know, we’re not sure either, for some it’s top hat and tails and for others a simpler jacket and trousers will fit the bill.
At Aston we have tailcoats and regular suits and everything in between in mens wedding suits and we also cover groom suits for a one stop shop for all your wedding suit hire needs. All suits are ‘mix and match’ both in terms of style and size.  The following gallery covers all regular suits except wedding tuxedos back up to ‘Our Suits’ on the menu and they’re broken into various categories – so you can get straight to the suit style you’d like.  Exclusive Groom only suits are here.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, Contact Us and if we can’t source it, we’ll try and find out who can!

Click on any of the images for pricing – the hire price is in the description, the main price (where shown) is the purchase price.

Wedding Suits